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The Dark Glow of the Mountains (1985) - Werner Herzog

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The Dark Glow of the Mountains - Werner Herzog

45 min | avi | 128Kbps | 672x512 | 25fps | 400MB | Color | English

The Dark Glow of the Mountains is a TV documentary made in 1984 by German filmmaker Werner Herzog. It is about an expedition made by the genuinely legendary freestyle mountain climber Reinhold Messner and his partner Hans Kammerlander to climb Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II - two of the world's most difficult peaks - all in one trip without returning to base camp.
The film is not so much concerned with showing the climb itself or giving guidelines on mountaineering, but seeks to reveal the inner motivation of the climbers. This is a beautiful jewel of a film that delivers so much more than one would expect and has quite rightly been described as one of Herzog's greatest works.



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